GlossandGlamour's Interactive Narrative Archive

Below you will find a collection of interactive narratives, in which the choices you make are continually reflected by the story. Most but not all focus on adult content, with a particular emphasis on latex and bondage. If you're intrigued by what you found here, or would just like to say hello, I'm always available on the Torean Discord which can be found here: by clicking this link. Otherwise, enjoy purusing the selection here.


Torean Games

Lost in Laminate

Torei, a planet as reclusive as it is infamous, has opened itself to the galaxy. Known for its cultural inclination towards bondage, slavery, and the glossy material known as laminate, travelers are cautioned to be wary while on the surface-- some say the allure of a collar can surprise even the strongest willed, but many others simply find themselves caught in a system seemingly designed to enslave. And you just woke up in a Torean hotel, memory full of holes, without a credit to your name.

Can you make it off planet? Do you want to?

Story Focuses: Latex, Bondage, BDSM, F/F, M/F, and a whole slew of other related kinks.

Current Version: Lost in Laminate 8.0 (Updated 2/23/2021)

Older Versions:

Lost in Laminate 7.0

Lost in Laminate 6.5

Lost in Laminate 6.0

Lost in Laminate 5.6

Lost in Laminate 4.2

Lost in Laminate 3.3


The Torean Role Picker

Soubrette, Estate Mistress, Ponygirl, Drone Doll-- Torei is full of all sorts of slaves and free people alike. Which are you? The Torean Role Picker will help you determine the sort of opportunities available to you. New to the setting? The Role Picker is also just a great primer on a bunch of common terms and roles that exist on the planet, and overall this mini-game can serve as a useful appendix for Lost in Laminate, and the Torean setting as a whole!

Current Version: Torean Role Picker 1.0


Laminate Calling

Starship Captain, AI Scholar, Intrepid Reporter-- choose your past, and choose your future-- you're invited to a Torean Embassy! Meet the Ambassador and her playful right hand, Jacq. Leave your inhibitions at the door. And perhaps stumble upon a conspiracy chock full of glossy laminate, tight bondage, and the prospect of a slave collar! Intended to serve as a sequel to Lost in Laminate, Laminate Calling is currently about 80,000 words long, and features the first hub area (the Torean Embassy) in its entirety.

Story Focuses: Latex, Bondage, BDSM, dronification, and a whole slew of other related kinks.

Current Version: Laminate Calling 1.0

Original Demo: Laminate Calling 0.1


Like my games? Many of them originated from brainstorming discussions with a longtime writing partner, and sometimes artist. Check out her excellent work on Deviantart by following the link here!

The Cyn-Verse

Stables of Cyn

Story Focuses: Latex, Bondage, ponygirls, F/F.

Another story set within the Cyn household, Stables of Cyn allows you to play as a newly arrived student-- interested in exploring just what it means to be a ponygirl. Allow yourself to be drawn into Cyn's stable, and begin a new life splitting time between your studies as a university student and your true passion... serving as Violet, a fully suited ponygirl-in-training! This game is in active development.

Current Version: Stables of Cyn 2.1

Older Versions:

Stables of Cyn 1.9c

Stables of Cyn 1.7

Stables of Cyn 1.4

Original Demo: Stables of Cyn vDemo


A Very Cynful Christmas

Set in the Mass Effect Universe, join Cyn Sauveterre and her girls for a Christmas celebration-- with plenty of ponygirl action! A short story with four different playable characters, A Very Cynful Christmas serves as an excellent introduction to the Cyn-Verse. No prior knowledge of the Mass Effect setting is necessary.

Story Focuses: Latex, Bondage, ponygirls, F/F.

Current Version: A Very Cynful Christmas 1.1

Older Versions: A Very Cynful Christmas 1.0


SFW Games:


This project is a wholly SFW story set in a universe of my own creation, with fantasy and roleplaying elements. When I lose the muse for Lost in Laminate I find switching focuses can help, and over time this story has taken root. Featuring advanced UI and quest system improvements, Steeldriver sees you playing as courier between a spirit of the Blackwood and the Violet Lady. Includes the entire prologue and opening sequence.

Current Version: Steeldriver 0.2